Geothermal Institutions

Geothermal Resources Department (GRD) under the Directorate of Geological Survey and Mines (DGSM) under the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development

Geothermal Association of Uganda (GAU).

Geothermal Projects/Programs

*The projects/programmes supported by other partners to promote geothermal development in East Africa, including in Uganda can be found HERE.

Geothermal Project funded by World Bank under Energy for Rural Transformation ERT-III.

Legal and Regulatory Framework

In 2016, the Uganda government started drafting a new geothermal policy. The geothermal policy has been merged with the National Energy Policy. Regulation, administration and technical procedures relating to geothermal exploration are dealt with by Directorate of Geological Survey and Mines pursuant to the Mining Act 2003 and Regulations 2004.

The Renewable Energy policy further provides for a feed-in tariff of USD 0.077/KWh for geothermal to offer a predictable business environment in the sector.


Uganda is endowed with extensional fault-controlled geothermal resources spatially and genetically related to western rift valley. More than 25 sites have been mapped with a potential for geothermal resources utilization.