El Salvatore

*More information on specific geothermal power plants can be found HERE.

Plans for geothermal power

Year Projected capacity(MWe)
2020 -
2025 234.4
2030 310.4

Direct use

Application Installed capacity(MWt) Installed capacity (TJ/yr)

Greenhouse heating



Fish farming



Agricultural drying



Swimming pools and sauna bath






(Lund and Toth, et al., 2020)

Geothermal Institutions

El Salvador Geothermal Association (ESGA) - ESGA is an industry association which aims to promote geothermal development in the country.

LaGeo - a state-owned El Salvadoran company that produces all the electricity generated from geothermal sources.

Geothermal Projects/Programs

*The projects/programmes supported by other partners to promote geothermal development in Latin America, including in El Salvador can be found HERE.

GRO-Geothermal Training Program- El Salvador partnership - In 2019, the GRO Geothermal Training Programme in Iceland (formerly United Nations University – Geothermal Training Programme) and the geothermal company LaGeo in El Salvador signed an agreement to cooperate in geothermal training. The cooperation included a special two-year partnership agreement for the continued operation of a 5-month diploma course in Spanish for Latin America, which has taken place at the University of El Salvador.

Regional Geothermal Training Programme (2012 – 2018) - A regional geothermal training centre was established in 2018 in El Salvador with funding from Nordic Development Fund and IDB. It trains specialists from Central American countries in various aspects of geothermal technology.

JICA- El Salvador Cooperation Initiative - JICA has been providing technical support to El Salvador to promote the geothermal industry in the country.

Legal and Regulatory Framework

In El Salvador, geothermal development is ruled by the General Electricity Law and Environmental Law (EL). Superintendence of Electricity and Telecommunications (SIGET) initially issues exploration permits, followed by concessions for geothermal development.


Renewables Readiness Assessment: El Salvador – A publication by IRENA produced as a result of country-led process to identify the key actions needed to expand renewable energy (including geothermal energy) development in the short and medium term.